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January 23, 2024
Solid State Logic System Ts

Ardent orders three Solid State Logic System T’s for ATMOS mixing integration in Jan 2024. This will allow for fully digital or hybrid mixing with our analogue desks.

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January 23, 2024
New Neve 88RS

Ardent takes delivery on a new 72-channel Neve 88RS in June 2023 to be installed in Studio A, replacing the Neve VR, which served us for 30+ years.

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January 23, 2024
Heritage Audio Ardent Edition

Ardent takes delivery on multiple Heritage Audio Ardent edition 660’s and 670’s in Jan of 2024. A gratifying project all around.

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January 23, 2024
Class A Wunder Consoles

Ardent orders two Custom Ardent edition Class A Wunder consoles 56 and 72 channels to be delivered in Feb 2024 for studio C and the new studio D.

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Providing World-Class Technology, Maintenance, and Service



At Ardent, we’ve always embraced new technology, and object-based audio is no exception.

Dolby Atmos has become the most popular and robust format for 3D and immersive listening experiences in gaming, film & TV scoring, and music. Mixing tools for an uncompromising and uniform listening experience between formats was paramount to our decision making.

McIntosh and Bowers & Wilkins

McIntosh amplification and Bowers & Wilkins monitors were chosen for their excellence in fidelity and pairing them with Trinnov’s uncompromising phase and delay management is a perfect fit for both music and film.

Arvus H2-4D

Providing quick and easy solutions for conversion, decoding and rendering was equally important to us. The Arvus H2-4D is the Swiss army knife for this application. It provides all the features listed below in one box.

CONVERT up to 16 Channels of HDMI audio simultaneously:

  • DANTE® or RAVENNA® (AES67 included in both)
  • HDMI® (Audio Only)
  • AES/EBU (AES3)


  • DOLBY - Atmos®, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Surround, Dolby Vision (passthrough)
  • DTS - DTS-X®, ES, HD Master Audio, HD High Resolution Audio, Express-HD LBR, Neural:X
  • PCM - 2ch, PCM Multi-channel, Downmix
  • Object based rendering from 5.1.2 to 9.1.6


The last step of this journey was aided by Phil Scholes of Solid State Logic, who introduced us to SYSTEM T. With its extensive features and intuitive interface. It can quickly put anyone in the driver’s seat to deliver top-quality ATMOS mixes. Its limitless routing, and sync capabilities allow you to work entirely digitally or in a hybrid fashion with ease.


Real-time collaboration is vital to the success of any creative project. Clients and artists frequently have to work in different locations, but still need to make changes or share feedback with each other as changes happen. We understand that the latency of sending files and notes back and forth can be a burden when under deadlines.

To address this, we have embraced the amazing technology that AUDIOMOVERS LISTENTO provides. From Sydney to San Francisco and to Memphis you are connected in real time.

Check out Audio Movers.


Bespoke items have always been part of Ardent since its inception. From our first tape machines and mixing consoles, through following generations of consoles custom ordered from Spectra Sonics, SSL, and Neve. This is a tradition we proudly continue.

Some of our current Bespoke offerings include:
Wunder Audio Class A discrete 72 and 56 input Ardent Edition consoles (built to our exact specifications and features, down to the split design and comprehensive monitoring) and our Heritage Audio Ardent Editions Fairchild 660s and 670s.

More to come...


Maintaining a multi-room, world class facility poses a unique set of challenges, and keeping sessions running smoothly is integral to any professional facility.

We at Ardent have not lost sight of this. Our technical team is headed by Dane Beamish, whose skills in the art of advanced electrical engineering design are second to none. He and the rest of our tech crew are here to ensure that all of our equipment (and yours!) is functioning correctly and reliably during your sessions here with us.

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