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What We Offer

Our world-renowned studios have produced groundbreaking music across all genres spanning six decades. The newly updated control rooms provide flexibility for every kind of project. The recent addition of Studio D provides an additional creative space for artists.

Creating at Ardent provides you with access to our comprehensive collection of vintage and modern processing and the most current plugins. Combined with our extensive instrument and vintage synthesizer collection, your possibilities are limitless. Our studios are maintained 24/7 by an unparalleled technical team.

The Studios

Studio A Console


Studio A is one of the two original studios at the Madison Avenue location which opened in late 1971. It has hosted many of Ardent’s most illustrious clientele.

The live room has the most significant space at Ardent, measuring 24’9” x 38’10”, and has high ceilings along with three moderately-sized isolation booths.


Studio B is the second of the original studios at the Madison Avenue location, which opened in late 1971. Studio B has also hosted many of Ardent’s most famed clientele in tracking and mixing capacities. The control room occupies the original live room, most notably hosting most of ZZ Top’s 1970’s catalogue. But times change, and technology evolves; an SSL 6056 was purchased in 1985. The desk was discovered to be too large for the existing control room, so the space was reversed and remodelled.
Studio B
Recording Console


Studio C is the last major installation added to the Madison Avenue complex. Designed by Audio Consultants of Nashville, TN in 1979, its construction was completed in 1980. The live room is the second largest recording space at Ardent, measuring 27’6” x 32’, with three moderately-sized isolation booths which provide musicians and producers alike.


Studio D is the most recent addition to the studios and features a 56-input Wunder Ardent Edition Console. Its primary goal was to handle the creative overflow that may happen in our other studios and provide additional creative space while retaining the workflow of other collaborators on a project.
Recording studio mixing console
Ardent Studios mastering


When STAX sadly went out of business, its lathe and mastering engineer Larry Nix needed a home. In the mid-seventies, the Neumann VMS 70 and Larry came to reside at Ardent. It has served clients worldwide and is currently getting a rebuild to breathe life into vinyl heard around the world once again.

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